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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Recession Special

Yesterday we posted a Recession Special to Craigslist. The concept is, we have some talented developers who are looking for more work right now, and opportunities like this don't come along often. The last time there was a excess programming talent available was mid 2002. At the time , dropped from around 200,000 tech jobs to about 30,000. Work shortages for software developers usually don't last long. By 2003 the phone was ringing off the hook again. Just over a year ago , The number of tech jobs on Dice was well over 100,000. Today it says "Search 55,024 tech jobs", so it's clear there is a bit of a slowdown, though not like in 2002.

Dot com professionals from Austin's once thriving industry are gathered here at a Day Labor Assembly Point. Circa 2002.

In the Middle of Difficulty ...

... lies opportunity , as Einstein says. At AppTrain we're going to take on a couple projects at great rates right now, just to keep everyone busy. It will be interesting to see what types of companies are able to plan ahead financially. Last time the surprise was that more traditional conservative companies hired up talent at bargain rates. This time we're also hearing from Non-Profits that support the Arts who need technical help, but normally can't afford it. And it's always a pleasure to work on projects that support a worthy cause. So If you thought building a custom web application would be unaffordable, this could be your chance. For information, Contact AppTrain.

And as we say in the Craigslist ad:

*Offer only valid while the current quarterly US Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is lower than the previous quarter :) Act now while smart labor is still affordable!

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