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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Using Big Data to Discover New Customers

Still mass marketing potential customers with emails?  You may instead be driving them away.  Aside from being technologically dated,  unsolicited emails, far more than likely, never get read, leaving only a brief unprofessional impression.


In the article Making Big Data Accessible in MailChimp the founder of a company that makes money sending emails even warns about emails blasts.
Some of you might be thinking, “Great, now you can blast those people press releases!” If so, please unplug your computer now. I can think of no better way to lose a customer than to “blast” them with–well, anything. - Ben Chestnut MailChimp CEO

Instead of driving customers away,  MailChimp allows users to employ basic marketing techniques such as segmentation with their subscriber lists.  The Discovery feature uses big data techniques to parse millions of subscribers in minutes, and help find new customers.

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