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Friday, August 2, 2013

Fun with Big Data Visualizations


Obtaining insights from Big Data requires new ways of looking at data. One of the most popular visualizations is the Tag Cloud.

The Tag Cloud is a creative way to convey lots of information about single articles, large websites, or even entire libraries, all on a single screen. Words are sized relative to the number of times they appear, and clustered together randomly to give a reader a different perspective. This Tag cloud contains the most common words on the AppTrain blog homepage.

A Mind Map

 is a Tag Cloud with relationships. Rather than random words, a Mind Map displays key concepts and how they relate to each other.

Document Driven Documents (d3.js

is a javascript library for building visualizations from any dataset. The libraries examples are an extensive collection of modern visualizations. Many alternate ways of adding dimensions to graphs are displayed on the example page including Voronoi Diagrams, Box Plots, Heat Maps, Bubble Charts,
Van Wijk Visualizations, Hamiltonian Graphs; Many of the examples are also interactive, changing the way the graph is viewed based on user input. Exploring the examples is truly mind expanding.

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