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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Wednesday Morning Coffee Sponsor: Speedment

A special thanks goes to Speedment for sponsoring last week's Wednesday Morning Coffee at Breadtalk.  Speedment is an open source Object Relational Mapper (ORM).  An ORM makes it easy for Object oriented programmers and programs to persist objects to a traditional SQL database.  Speedment is an accelerated ORM.  So aside from simplifying the database mapping,  Speedment speeds up query response times.  It's also a graph database,so it specializes in large datasets, and excels with data where relationships between nodes are queried.

This little hare is Spire, the Speedment mascot.  I've installed Speedment several times, and it's very effective for projects where there will be lot's of queries on your data, and where relationships are important.   It's a honor to have a company that understands the importance of relationships sponsor our coffee.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Java Swing Has to be Deprecated | Yakov Fain's Blog

Yakov Fain explains how outdated the Java Swing API is .  I'd go further and add that a vast majority of  legacy Swing apps I've seen should we rewritten as Web Applications.  Even if an application is for a limited number of users behind a firewall, it will be much easier to  develop, maintain and use if it runs as a web application. Let the familiar web browser act as the user interface, and keep application clients code thin.

Java Swing Has to be Deprecated — Every time I start teaching my new Java class I’m looking at the Swing units in the manual asking myself, “Why my students need to know Swing framework?” Well, I need to teach them how to program GUI, event listeners, asynchronous worker threads and event loop that are pretty much the same in every programming […]

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