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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

2015 Internet Trends Report (Summary)

From Mary Meeker of KCPB

Internet usage growth is slowing

  The growth is slowing with about 40% of the world with full internet access at home.  Nearly 3/4 of us have access from mobile phones, but only about 3 billion of that 5.2 billion number have smartphones. That's just a bit more than the 2.8 billion users who have full internet access.

and the US Dollar leads the web

11 of the 15 biggest internet companies are American.  The other 4 are from China.

but Asia is growing the fastest

Internet Growth
China Users = +7%, USA = +2%, India = +33%, Japan = Flat, Brazil = +4%

China Subs = +21%, USA = +9%, India = +55%, Japan = +5%, Brazil = +28

China is close to surpassing the US in percentage of the global GDP.

and Messaging Platforms are the Killer App.

Government, Healthcare, And Education Are Huge Opportunities

"The Internet has already transformed the consumer and business space, where entrepreneurs can build products that meet their needs or solve pain points. Larger, more regulated spaces that are less accessible or comprehensible to the average entrepreneur have seen less Internet-driven innovation, and are essentially sitting ducks for startups." - Tech Crunch Summary

for Enterprise Entrepreneurs

        "‘Enterprise’ Internet Entrepreneurs Often Pursue Prior Company Pain Points" - Slide 30

The most successful businesses have already moved to the cloud Online Payments Business Intelligence Digital Signatures Customer Service Sales Management Support Center Human Resources Enterprise Planning Recruiting Background Checks Employee Training Enterprise Check-in Me.  That's my company.  You get me working for you :)

and of course have significant financial resources

"KPCB is a venture capital firm that owns significant equity positions in certain of the companies referenced in this presentation, including those at - Slide 180"

Meanwhile, users are creating and curating content

Web users are becoming the trusted news reporters and product reviewers.  Young people today are creating their internet.  People debate and work through serious issues, for example:

Just outside the internet, we're learning that drones are useful for better things than killing people

This quarry hole is mine!
Disaster Relief

A word of caution,  you are responsible for securing your data 

Lost devices, insider breaches, spyware all contribute to security breaches.

Still the workplace moves forward online, and becomes global

Service jobs are replacing goods producing jobs, with cognitive jobs growing the fastest.  More people than ever work remotely with flexible hours.  Consumers expect instant response, so businesses are open 24 hours.  Which reminds me, I've got work to do.  It's 9 AM somewhere!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Monday, September 30, 2013

Open for Business during the Furlough

Today AppTrain purchased this Super Spook lure, which will keep us busy through the government shutdown, and maybe even put dinner on the table.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Informational Websites

Informational Websites are the yellow page ads of the 21st century.  They provide a home base for a idea, product, or company along with links to more dynamic content and social media, and perhaps lead to simple contact forms, or more complex apps.

The The 'W line' on The App Train  represents Website Builders. These tools are great for setting up a home base for a company. runs on Zoho Sites.

For custom websites that extend beyond simple text and links, we use TwoFranks.  The team at TwoFranks offers complete creative services. By including high end video, photography and graphic design, their web sites integrate with social media to create a dynamic marketing solution that matches the pace of technology.

The TwoFranks portfolio of marketing solutions demonstrates the impact of compete dynamic web solutions.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Vehicle Assembly Buiding

The iconic Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) where Major Nelson used to work for Dr Bellows.

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