Monday, November 11, 2013

Java Swing Has to be Deprecated | Yakov Fain's Blog

Yakov Fain explains how outdated the Java Swing API is .  I'd go further and add that a vast majority of  legacy Swing apps I've seen should we rewritten as Web Applications.  Even if an application is for a limited number of users behind a firewall, it will be much easier to  develop, maintain and use if it runs as a web application. Let the familiar web browser act as the user interface, and keep application clients code thin.

Java Swing Has to be Deprecated — Every time I start teaching my new Java class I’m looking at the Swing units in the manual asking myself, “Why my students need to know Swing framework?” Well, I need to teach them how to program GUI, event listeners, asynchronous worker threads and event loop that are pretty much the same in every programming […]


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