Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kissell Research Group Conference

It was a tremendous honor to be asked to speak at the inaugural conference of  Kissell Research Group in New  York.  Dr. Robert Kissell is highly respected in financial circles, so the room at The Harvard Club was packed.  I spoke about Smart Technology for Big Data .  The conference was a huge success and we were mentioned in the latest newsletter from Institutional Investor Journals called The Voices of Influence. The Publisher Allison Adams wrote
"To put it in perspective, I was recently invited to attend an event on algorithmic trading hosted by Kissell Research Group. The last presentation by Michael Blake was on Smart Technology for Big Data." ...more
 Dr Kissell's presentation on the I-Star Impact Model and Dr Roberto Malamut's talk on Quantitative Trading were the highlights of the day, so trust me , I was riding on their coattails.

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