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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Webworking - Làm việc mạng

Webworking,  (Làm việc mạng),  is a group organized to encourage people in Ho Chi Minh City with careers in web technologies, and to support those who's careers need a boost or a change.

Our most popular event, Wednesday morning coffee is an informal OpenCoffee where ambitious young entrepreneurs, developers and investors mingle and learn from each other. We talk about the latest technologies, favorite Saigon coffee shops and how to build careers and businesses in the promising Vietnamese economy.

Now you can participate from afar by sponsoring a coffee session. $25 earns you the gratitude of that weeks attendees and gets your company or organization on the event page.

Sponsor Open Coffee

Thanks for the help building meaningful careers in Saigon!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Python vs Julia

I really enjoyed this Python or Julia comparison from these Quantitative Economists.  They give insightful advantages and disadvantages for both languages.  I dug up the sight because I started to wonder if I'm crazy learning Julia at the same time that I'm working with and still learning Python.   The final statement on their page eased my mind:

Still Can’t Decide?

Learn both — you won’t regret it

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Computerworld: 9 Programming Languages and the Women who created them

Computerworld has a fascinating slideshow of 9 Programming Languages and the Women who created them.  They are:

Kathleen Booth, ARC Assembly, 1950

Kateryna Yushchenko Address Language,1955

 Grace Hoppe  Cobol Co-creator, 1959

 Jean Sammet FORMAC,1962             

  Cynthia Solomon Logo , 1967             

CLU Creator: Barbara Liskov 1974          

Adele Goldberg Smalltalk co-creator, 1980 v

 Sophie Wilson  BBC BASIC,1981              

Christine Paulin-Mohring Cog, 1991             

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